Overcoming the grief with Flower Essences


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Overcoming the grief with Flower Essences

Grief is the painful emotion of the different losses in our lives. There is grief when there is an emotional bond with what has been lost. The duel can have its origin in a death, in the loss of a part of the physical body, the loss of youth, of an economic situation, a divorce...

According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, each person in their grieving process can go through 5 different phases: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Depending on the phase of mourning in which the person is, we will work with some flower essences or others….

In this workshop we will explain some essences of different floral systems (Bach system, FES Quintessentials system from California and Bush system from Australia), their combination and synergies, their application in each of the phases of grief and their joint work with other therapies...

It is worth noting the simplicity of the method for determining the necessary essence and its specific use, a fact that will allow our rapid intervention in the client, family member or even in ourselves...

The non-existence of side effects and the work in perfect symbiosis with other therapies make this workshop an effective tool for anyone interested in their personal growth or their therapies. Program:

● The grief.

● Different causes of grief

● Different phases of grief

● Different types of grief

● Overcoming the grief

● Flower essences.

● Floral therapy and other complementary therapies.

How to acquire the course?

Choose the course you want to take, fill out the purchase form, pay comfortably and securely by bank card, PayPal or bank transfer Once registration is complete, we will send you the course materials and an access link, the sessions will take place by videoconference via zoom. You can access from a computer (without downloading the application) or from a phone with the Zoom application.


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